Angel Baby Organic Toddler Pillow

Disclaimer: Though I have received this pillow at a discount, I am providing an unbiased review based on my honest opinion.

The Angel Baby Organic Toddler Pillow is big enough for my little guy and extremely soft. The exterior has a quilted texture and the inside is plushy, but doesn’t flatten when you rest your head on it. It provides support along with a great night’s sleep.

Comfortable enough to support head and neck, the material doesn’t retain heat and allows for a cool night’s sleep. The #AngelBabyOrganicPillow is flexible, allowing the option of easily placing it behind a child’s head when they’ve fallen asleep in the car or on the floor.

Composed of organic ingredients such as Memory Foam & Fibers and covered with soft cotton, this pillow is toxin free and hypo-allergenic. While there is no additional packaging, quickly browsing the product’s details on Amazon alerts you that it is in fact machine washable. This is great, because many pillows tend to lose their form when washed, and laundering is very important when it comes to children and their messes.

Zipper-Free: No sharp zippers, or inconvenience of children opening the pillow and getting feathers or stuffing all over the house!

This pillow is light-weight, small enough to toss into a diaper or over-night bag for easy transport or car rides. The Angel Baby Organic pillow is safe, well-made and very comfortable to use!Pillow


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