Tahari Knit Infinity Scarf (Blue)


Stars 5/5

Disclaimer: While I received a sample of this product for testing purposes, my review is written based on my unbiased opinion.

Style: This infinity scarf provides enough material for it to be warmly wrapped twice around my neck. It can be worn casually, or dressy as the dark blue colors compliment almost anything.

Texture: This fall/winter accessory is comprised fully of Acrylic. It is very soft, not itchy or smothering like some scarfs tend to be. I have not had an issue with the material pulling or pilling.

Pros: I really like the way this scarf fits and love how comfortable it is, it’s not too dressy and provides warmth and style. This is a light-weight piece, yet warm enough for crisp fall and winter nights. Unlike scarves that need to be manually looped and tied around my neck, this one is already shaped perfectly and stays put!

Cons: While I don’t often wash my scarves, this one needs to be dry-cleaned. It’s okay, I will be extra careful not to fall in dirty snow while i’m wearing it.

Tahari Infinity Scarf


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