Thorx Headphones




5/5 Stars

Disclaimer: Though I have received a pair for testing purposes, this review is written based on my unbiased opinion.

Contents of Box: Protective shell headphone case, audio cord, instruction manual and a pair of headphones.

This is quite an impressive set of headphones. If you’re a big fan of earbuds, you might find these a tad bit bulky, but it’s worth the extra material. Each side folds in on itself and they are easily stored in the protective case that comes along with them. The headband adjusts to fit different shaped and sized heads with ease.

I found the ear piece to be plushy and very comfortable to wear, they don’t slip off my ears and don’t cause sweating like other headphones tend to.While these may seem bulky, they are very light-weight and the case is convenient for carrying them around.

The cord pops into the jack and is tangle-free. While the cord is not permanently attached to the headphones, it easily inserts. You will want to make sure the part with the volume adjuster is closest to the headphones.

These headphones provide clear and full sound quality. I use these with my tablet to watch shows, listen to music and use them with my cell-phone to make calls. While earbuds are certainly more convenient for running, these are great for sitting at home and enjoying my favorite shows with full audio and action packed sound.

While these headphones do produce a nice sound, they are not noise restrictive, so be mindful of others while you’re rocking out 😉

ThorX Headphones


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