Depstech Dual Battery Drone

3/5 Stars


Disclaimer: Though I have received a sample of this product for testing, this review is written based on my unbiased opinion.

This is the first drone I have had the experience of playing around with, and it is pretty fun! Though the instructional guide is a little unclear, it was rather simple to put together with the screws and screwdriver included. The remote control takes batteries that are not included, but it is also easy to use to pilot the drone around.

I had a little trouble flying the machine due to my own flight issues, but I am learning as time goes on. While this drone is fun to use, I think it could use a few improvements.

*SD Card is included
*Two batteries are included
*Easy to put together
*Flying is fun!

*The charger is difficult to snap in, I think it should be placed differently.
*The camera has no on/off switch, I couldn’t get it to turn on

Depstech Drone


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